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MLR Construction and Management is your trusted bathroom remodeling expert in New Jersey, specializing in affordable bathroom remodeling. Our bathroom remodeling services, including vanity installation, beautiful tile work, flooring solutions, and more.

Our team is dedicated to transforming your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space. Whether you want to update or completely redesign, we have the skills to make your vision a reality.We work closely with our clients from start to finish to make sure every detail is taken care of. We tailor our custom designs to optimize your bathroom space, offering solutions that maximize storage and organization.

Your bathroom is an essential part of your home, deserving of a design that complements your lifestyle. At MLR Construction and Management, we focus on designing bathrooms that are both beautiful and improve your everyday life. Let us remodel your bathroom to meet your family's needs, ensuring every moment spent there is comfortable and enjoyable.

 Flooring, drywalling, Tiling, Fixture installation, Cabinetry and vanity installation,
Painting and finishing

Our bathroom Remodeling services includes:

Why do New Jersey homeowners remodel their bathrooms? Popular reasons include:

  • Bathroom renovations increase the value of your home.

Renovating bathrooms can significantly boost the overall value of the home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Bathroom renovations improve usability and functionality.

Updating outdated fixtures and layouts can improve usability and convenience, catering to the needs of the household.

  • Bathroom remodels improves appearance

Upgrade the look and feel of the bathroom to create a more inviting space, enhancing daily comfort and enjoyment.

Hiring an expert bathroom remodeling team, such as MLR Construction and Management, ensures an orderly design and installation process. Our skilled designers and installers have industry expertise to upgrade vanity cabinets, flooring, and install your ideal shower or tub.

We will help you along the way to choose the best combination that looks and feels best for your home. Just like in these bathroom remodeling project.

Why a bathroom remodel?

Unleashing Elegance in Every Tile

Bathroom Renovatiuons that withsatnd the test of time

Step into a world of transformation with our unrivaled bathroom renovation process. We specialize in turning outdated, impractical spaces into stunning, functional masterpiece that redefine your home. We don't just renovate bathrooms; we create new experiences and smiles from ear to ear.

before and after bathroom Remodeling in Jersey City

This is a bathroom renovation project we did in Jersey City, NJ where the homeowners had a plain bathroom and were looking to upgrade to a bathroom that reminded them of the beach(they love the outdoors specially the beach and i think we can all back them up on that) they wanted something tropical, colorful yet still functional and cohesive.

We renovated this bathroom with the Vita Bella Polished Porcelain tiles for the walls combined with matte beige ceramic tiles for the flooring and a linear mosaic for the niche. They really wanted the full beach experience with a whirlpool bathtub.

Like this bathroom? Would you like to bring the beach to your bathroom? We are here to help.

Bathroom Remodeling Financing

When you choose MLR Construction and Mangement for your bathroom renovation in NJ, rest assured that we exceed expectations. We provide affordable payment plans through our 100% Home Improvement Financing for all home renovation projects.

Contact us today at 201-737-9447 or fill out our estimate request form for a free consultation. We look forward to discussing your options and prices with you. Thank you for considering us for your bathroom renovation!

NJ Bathroom Contractor

MLR Construction and Management is a premier installer in NJ for bathroom remodels. We provide high quality work and our bathroom remodels include bathroom tile, showers, sinks, faucets, and flooring. We are here to provide a detailed scope of work that reflects the renovation costs according to your budget. While providing constant communication regarding every step of the project.

Our team is proud to be local NJ residents. When you choose MLR Construction and Management, a family-owned business, we treat your bathroom remodeling project like it's our own.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the  bathroom remodeling cost in NJ?

A bathroom renovation usually takes between 5-8 business days for a standard 5x7 bathroom. However, this timeline can be affected by factors such as the availability of materials, any necessary permits, and the scope of the project.

What is the process of a full bathroom remodeling project?

The average cost for a medium-sized bathroom (5x7) is $8,000-10,000. This cost covers both labor and materials.

Who is a good bathroom renovation contractor we can trust in new jersey?

The process of a full bathroom remodel typically involves demolition of the existing fixtures, such as the bathtub, toilet, and vanity. Then, the new materials are installed, including the tiles, bathtub, toilet, vanity, and any other desired features. This process can vary depending on the complexity of the project and any unforeseen issues that may arise during the renovation.

Hiring a reputable NJ bathroom remodeling contractor ensures your project is handled with expertise and order.

How long does a bathroom renovation usually take?

For top-notch bathroom remodeling in New Jersey, trust MLR Construction and Management, our experienced team to transform your space into a stylish and functional retreat.

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